A human being is constructed by many aspects: scholar first, but also by everything around, friends, sports, creations, religions, games books environnement, etc…… 

I decided to collect from everywhere VIDEOS, DIAPORAMAS which could show the children another world, the other world, photos to see beauty, strange, weird, interesting, practical, unusual,  to complete their knowledge.

I expect, they will not appreciate or remember everything but if some of them keep in their  minds one or several subjects or photos, I will be satisfied. ALL MY WORK WILL BE REWARDED.

Everybody can build up this project but it takes a lot of time,  energy, facility to have Internet, lectricity, a group of friends to share. It is difficult to find themes and  a lot of patience.

As I told you before some of you  will be very interested, others not ! Nobody is forced to look at.

My only wish is to exchange with some of the children this new approach about it. 

Children  can react, some can comment, some can ask for other subjects, I will search and find for them . I am here for that.

EINSTEIN said : « the important thing is not to stop questioning »