to teachers


Curiosity is a complement of EDUCATION. These exceptionnal videos or diaporamas are just to unveil a world that they will probably never know.

for the teachers or the one who will show this blog, i would like to make some suggestions.

for the moment i have 200 videos and 206 blogs.

I etablish a list of subjects with complementary explanations on time of showing.

I know you can make it by yourself, but it is really easier to use these educationnal, creativ, or fun themes .

It will save a lot of time  also because i add on each diaporama subjects, pages of explanations.  It was a really long job.

I am sure you know everything on the subjects but some documents will help you perhaps to explain more easily.

it is now your turn to decide how you want to show it. if you have a Creative class, it will be easy. If you have a Learning corners, no problem, you can add also to special class like geography, history, sciences, psychology, litterature, biology etc…

For one hour  lessons, I suggest to use 2 diaporamas in different category but opposite and 2 videos for around 20 minutes.

The purpose is to  take time to discuss , to discover, to exchange, to surprise, to question, to react with the children.  

In fact you do what you want but share time, comment.

It should be a moment of education, of sharing but also of pleasure.

Reactions and comments will be welcomed. If you like this blog you will find the first list of my most popular ones which you

may also enjoy !!!

if you are not interested by one of  these subjects, please see it anyway, perhaps you will change your point of view.

Perhaps they will fall in love with a bettafish, a baby elephant, a  butterfly or a chimpanzee. They could be atonished to see houses on the top or the construction of a music instrument. Discovering the Albinos animals, aurores boreales, incredible photos, funny ones, inimaginabe stairs etc…. Or How to do.

Perhaps they will explain to the others what they have seen …..

to share a moment of atonishment, tell a story  to arouse a moment of joy or pleasure.

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